Even if I wanted to
I don’t think that I’d get to you
There’s nothing I can say to you to make you feel alive again
Yellowcard - “Inside Out”

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pointless continuity is the most beautiful kind

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Looks like I’m starting to get the hang of C. I made a multiplication table with user input for the number of rows and columns and it’s even formatted nicely. Not much, but it’s a start.

My copy of American Football came in the mail yesterday, but the case has a giant crack in it. At least the disk inside made it here in one piece.

With this album and Deja Entendu, I feel a very emo fall coming soon!

I’ve got a plan, I’ve got an atlas in my hands
I’m gonna turn when I listen to the lessons I’ve learned
Benjamin Francis Leftwich - “Atlas Hands”

I could live in a different place
With a different house and a different name.
I could sing you your favourite song and you’d sing along yeah you’d sing along.
I could wrap you in your favourite clothes and kiss your face
Just so you know that I’m the one, who has got your back,
Now turn around and don’t be sad.

I hope you find the love that’s true so the morning light can shine on you.
I hope you find what you’re looking for so your heart is warm forever more.

Benjamin Francis Leftwich - “Shine”

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