A Twenty One Pilots appearance?



Friday Night Lights - Season 1 Episode 2: Eyes Wide Open

I just started watching this show because I knew that Explosions in the Sky songs make a lot of appearances. I’ve heard good things about it, and so far it has far exceeded my expectations.

I love this shot in particular because his face just says it all. “Really? You gotta be kidding me…”

Went to Shwarma King and had baklava for the first time. I approve (and that’s what really matters in life).

Twenty One Pilots Cover “Mad World”

These guys are performing at the MTV Movie Awards tonight. Go watch them!


Bo Burnham is great.

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Listen/purchase: Your Favorite Lullabies: Lullaby Renditions of Brand New Songs by Sparrow Sleeps

So this guy, Sparrow Sleeps, does covers of popular bands in the form of lullabies. I saw that he made an album of Brand New covers called Your Favorite Lullabies. It’s kinda trippy. Imagine falling asleep to Brand New lullabies as a kid and one day listening to Your Favorite Weapon (I see what he did there), Deja Entendu or The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me and wondering why they always make you fall asleep or make you think of your childhood.

The Devil And A California Burrito Are Raging Inside Me



Sledding With Tigers will be releasing A Necessary Bummer on April 15th via Antique Records. Stream a new song called “The Devil And A California Burrito Are Raging Inside Me” here via MindEqualsBlown or below after the jump. 

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The Ellen Degeneres crew filming at our campus


Vanishing point, Nihilisten

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